Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 16, June 23, 2013. Four hours walk on the Caledon Trailway Path.

It was our next step in preparation to El Camino. We decided to go 20 km or walked 4 hrs with our backppacks on. For the first try we choose "flat" route and walked on the Caledon Railway Path from its intersection with the Mount Wolfe Rd to the Gore Rd (see map from the RunKeeper below).
We did this successfully, but were very tired at the end. We obviously need more training like this before real Camino. And need to try and to tread out our shoes, dress and backpacks..

On the Caledon Trailway Path at the beginning of our walk near Mount Wolfe Rd.

Old farm across the CPR.

On the Trail.

On the Trail

It's not a dandelion - it's something much bigger.

Day 15, June 9, 2013. Summer ramble on the winter route

This trip was a summer edition of our winter walk from Day 3, Feb 03, 2013. We started at the intersection of Glenn Duffy and Coolihans Sideroad. There is a designated parking on the Coolihans Sideroad just where  Bruce Trail intersects it. In about 1 km a local Side Trail went to the East and followed it to repeat our winter route. We also turned to the small lakes/ponds to look at them in summer.Then we found out the intersection of the Trail with the Centreville Creek Rd and walked another 1.5 km to The Gore Rd. We returned back on the same route.

This picture was taken close to the place of winter picture shown below.

Picture from Day 3. Just to compare the view.

Picnic area near the lakes. 

Day 14, May 25, 2013 : New places at Airport Rd North of Hwy 9

We began at the same Parking Lot near Airport Rd as previous time, but headed North on Line 7 and then on the Bruce Trail/ Finally we made a loop and return via 7 back.

On the Trail - note blue sign on the tree in the left upper corner.

The wind waves run through the grass but are invisible on the still picture. 

Mail Box with Cardinals.